I just received a response back from the David Suzuki Foundation and they are interested in a custom map for Grizzly bears. How exciting!!!


I have found the Eco Broker course to be extremely valuable, and not just “another course” we have to take. One of the lessons that was in the last set of marketing materials, was talking about reaching out to affiliates.

white-bear-winesI had an idea to reach out to environmentalists and discovered the there is a beautiful rain forest in British Columbia called the Great Bear Forest. It has white bears that are amazing. What was interesting was this forest is the last of its kind in the world. It brought me to a website from the David Suzuki Foundation, and a paper on the Great White Bear –

http://www.davidsuzuki.org/files/Forests/DSF-rainforests-2005-5.pdf .

The reason I mention this is it made me think of other ways to work with people who are making a difference.

As Eco Brokers we have a voice in the industry that speaks directly to homeowners. It’s not just about saving money on appliances and getting green loans. The bigger picture is keeping our forests, which are called the lungs of earth. If we all do a small part to conserve, we make a difference.

Sometimes it only takes one person to start a domino effect. Taking a few moments out of our busy day to see what eco minded people are doing to make a difference. Reach out to them, make friends, help them in a small way.

I have offered to create a custom map of the Great Bear forest for the Suzuki Foundation. This was inspired by one of the lessons in our Eco Broker Marketing class.

I’m going to visit Vancouver later this month and perhaps take a tour of this forest aboard Great Bear Tours. I’ll give a full report with photos soon.

Cherie Young

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