Did you know that custom websites on Word Press can look like this Big Island Ocean Front?

Word Press is the most incredible product for real estate. Gone are the web hosting plans that commit you into their proprietary code and you simply rent space for the life of your site. The Word Press platform allows us to bend the designs to our will, and just as important, you own your site lock, stock and barrel. There are hundreds of plugins made just for real estate and Word Press. Every single page can have something unique in a sidebar, no more boring repetitive links.

The search engines love Word Press. Word Press is not just for blogs, although you can have your website and your blog in the same place. You can deep nest hundreds of pages and everything is neat and tidy for you to find in the administration panel. Your visitors don’t get lost in messy navigation that goes everywhere. How about changing slideshows on every single page? Or unique graphics on every page if you like? We code your Word Press site so that it is easy to manage. No themes that are difficult to figure out, it’s simple Word Press the way it’s meant to be. Love newsletters, creating forms on the fly, stats on the first page, deep seo tools, verifying your site with Google, Yahoo and Bing within 15 minutes total? Easy.

You probably guessed that I simply love what has happened for the real estate industry. I don’t have to tell our clients that they cannot have their code. If I croak, their site may have to RIP. Not at all. You own your site, your design, your online marketing. Every single week we receive calls from agents who have had bad experiences with companies that lock them into their code and they have to start over. Those days are gone.

You will not see our Word Press designs in my portfolio yet, so I wanted to get the word out. I am happy to answer questions.


Cherie Young
Online Marketing Strategies

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