With the housing crisis still in full bloom, I have seen less excitement about eco housing issues in the real estate community. With health issues at the forefront, proponents of this will bill have their work cut out.

Al Gore was on Larry King last night and speaking about an ambitious bill to act on global warming. http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/010577.html

This could generate millions of new jobs here in America.

One of the interesting comments Gore made was about the average age of people that are most excited about the eco movement. Believe it or not, it’s our young people!

Advisors told Kennedy that a man would never land on the moon. We know the outcome of the naysayers and that it could be done. The average age in Mission Control was 26 when the Apollo landed!!!


There are stupid, yes highly intelligent stupid scientists who say that the solar cycles are responsible for our crisis, not billions of pounds of CO2 being dumped into our atmosphere DAILY.

We must educate our children, while taking responsibility for our dependence on foreign fuels.

Don’t let the real estate market woes keep us from the task at hand. Look at the climate crisis from a larger picture. Do your small part now to create a cleaner world. The end result could mean millions of sustainable and renewable jobs.

Be a part of a healthy legacy for generations to come.


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