Template #4

This dramatic and elegant design prominently features your or your team, along with nine buyer searches, and a buyer opt-in link for listing alerts. It’s a perfect way to give your prospects — both buyers and sellers — everything they’re looking for right on your home page.

If you would like to mix and match from our other semi-custom designs, there is an additional charge.  These come with approximately 3 edits, which means changing photos, taglines, text. Edits do not include creating custom graphics outside of the template design, no custom navigation, adding content/customization of internal pages.  We can provide additional work on an hourly basis.

All our real estate templates work on Chime, Sierra Interactive, KvCore, Kunversion, Firepoint, and CINC.

https://jeremyanddana.propertyexecutivesrealty.com  – Kunversion
https://www.realestatevt.com (agent section additional cost)


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This design features:

  • Photo of your choosing in the top area (you can send us a photo, should be in a large size, approximately 1,920 wide, not too tall
  • Adding your logos
  • Your tagline below the search widget
  • Nine featured searches with photos
  • We will place temporary photos on your design. You can choose to keep them, or provide your own images. We can mix and match between our images and yours as well.
  • Link to the home value page
  • Your photo and link to your agent/team bio page
  • Link to your lender page
  • Link to your blog

What this DOES NOT include:

  • Customizing navigation
  • Slideshow (can be added for an additional cost, will be determined by how many images)
  • Creating custom internal pages
  • Editing internal pages
  • Changing the logo on internal pages
  • Changing your website theme color to something other than what is provided
  • Adding content to internal pages
  • Changing order on the Agent Roster
  • Adding your personal listings
  • Removing Our Listings, Reduced Listings (please login to your CRM and chat with online tech support, they will direct you how to remove these).
  • Setting your domain
  • We do ask that you try and send information in only a few emails.  This will help us design your site quickly and less confusion.  If you have multiple photos that you would like to use, let us know and we can send you a dropbox link.  We work through emails and typically respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

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Kunversion+, KvCore, Chime, Firepoint, Commisions Inc

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