Template #3

Beautiful real estate web design Template #3  has been one of our most popular over the last year! Featuring nine buyer searches, there’s an agent/team picture, and a link to your blog. It’s a perfect way to let your prospects — both buyers and sellers — get their most common searches within a single-click of your home page.

If you would like to mix and match from our other semi-custom designs, there is an additional charge.  These come with approximately 3 edits, which means changing photos, taglines, text. Edits do not include creating custom graphics outside of the template design, no custom navigation, adding content/customization of internal pages.  We can provide additional work on an hourly basis.

All our real estate templates work on Chime, Sierra Interactive, KvCore, Kunversion, Firepoint, and CINC.

https://www.yourvegashomesearch.com (with circle searches)
https://www.luxurypalmbeachestates.com (with team photos $150 extra)
https://www.endlesssummerrealty.com (with ala carte work)
https://www.crystalcoastquarters.com – Firepoint
https://centralarkansashomes.com – Chime.me


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This design features:

  • Photo of your choosing in the top area (you can send us a photo, should be in a large size, approximately 1,920 wide, not too tall
  • Adding your logos
  • Your tagline below the search widget
  • Nine featured searches with photos
  • Link to the home value page
  • Your photo and link to your agent/team bio page
  • Link to your lender page
  • Link to your blog

What this DOES NOT include:

  • Customizing navigation
  • Slideshow (can be added for an additional cost, will be determined by how many images)
  • Creating custom internal pages
  • Editing internal pages
  • Changing the logo on internal pages
  • Changing your website theme color to something other than what is provided from your provider
  • Adding content to internal pages
  • Changing order on the Agent Roster
  • Adding your personal listings
  • Please ask your provider to help change any domain names

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Kunversion+, KvCore, Chime, Firepoint, Commisions Inc

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