Template #20


Template #20 is our newest real estate design created as an Industrial Modern Concept.  This 2021 Trending Real Estate Web Design works perfectly on Chime.me, Sierra Interactive, KvCore, Firepoint and CINC websites.  TEMPLATE 20 IS IN PRODUCTION, WE HAVE SEVERAL ORDERS IN PROGRESS.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE DESIGN ONLY VERSION, PLEASE SEE HERE.

These come with approximately 3 edits, which means changing photos, taglines, text. Edits do not include creating custom graphics outside of the template design, no custom navigation, adding content/customization of internal pages.  We can provide additional work on an hourly basis.  

All our real estate templates work on Chime.me, Sierra Interactive, KvCore, Kunversion, Firepoint, and CINC.


https://www.korishook.com – Sierra Interactive

https://www.newjerseyluxuryrealestate.com – Sierra Interactive

https://www.luxuryhomesinsandiego.com – Chime

https://www.buyselldreamteam.com – Chime

https://www.affinityrealestate.ca – Sierra Interactive


What this DOES NOT include:

  • Customizing navigation
  • Slideshow (can be added for an additional cost, will be determined by how many images).  If you are on Chime, slideshow is not an extra cost.
  • Creating custom internal pages
  • Editing internal pages
  • Changing the logo on internal pages
  • Changing your website theme color to something other than what is provided from your provider
  • Adding content to internal pages
  • Changing order on the Agent Roster
  • Adding your personal listings
  • Removing Adjusting Listings, Reduced Listings
  • We do ask that you try and send information in only a few emails.  This will help us design your site quickly and less confusion.  If you have multiple photos that you would like to use, let us know and we can send you a dropbox link.  We work through emails and typically respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Looking for something more custom?

Contact us to discuss a custom website design for your Kunversion, Chime, Firepoint, or WordPress website!

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