Buying NakedJune 28th, Pasco County Florida’s real estate darling, Jackie Youngblood returns to TV on TLC’s Buying Naked. The show airing at June 28th @ 10/9C exposes viewers to the elegance of Pasco County’s real estate market and the challenges nudist home buyers face when purchasing real estate.


“Buying Naked” originally aired last winter as a one hour TV Special, and was acclaimed by audiences for its refreshing approach confronting social taboos around the nudist life style. Buying Naked’s reputation for portraying nudists seriously with a dash of tongue in cheek camera work featuring expertly positioned home décor, squarely earned it a place in TLC’s summer line up.

Beyond the premise itself, Youngblood and her expert realty team really shine.

Jackie Youngblood TLC
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Jackie Youngblood and her husband have been nudists for 21 years and are uniquely equipped to handle nudists in the market for homes in one of the most nudist friendly counties nationwide.

“Before my husband and I entered the real estate industry, we owned an all-purpose retail business in Georgia, which sold anything from toys to car batteries! I guess you could say it proved that we were, at least, versed in sales!

“In 2001 we decided to “retire” to Florida. As nudists, we had previously vacationed in Paradise Lake. Land O’ Lakes, where we currently live, is outside the Paradise Lake resort area in central Florida. At the time, my husband was somewhat familiar with commercial real estate and rental properties.”

Delighted by the experience she had with her own Realtor during her move, and determined to make the most of her retirement, Youngblood pursued real estate classes and eventually joined a real estate team. After attending a seminar of Michael Russer, a real estate speaker and author, Youngblood decided to specialize in nudist properties.

Pasco County is home to numerous nudist resorts and several residential communities who are exclusively nudist.

“There are many nudist and clothing-optional folks who buy and sell inside and outside of the resorts so I decided to tap into that market,” explains Youngblood.

Home buying nude has a litany of challenges most of us wouldn’t consider. Anyone who’s ever tried to cook bacon without first bothering to put on a shirt have had a small taste of the difficulty nudists face every day in their own homes. TLC’s press release explained:

“Aside from strict budgets, location and basic property demands, finding a residence for a nudist couple is no easy feat. What these couples lack in clothing, they gain in everyday hazards. Simple tasks like cooking, cleaning and even walking pose safety threats as sharp counter corners and cramped kitchen alleyways can injure the house’s inhabitants without the barrier of a basic t-shirt.”

Despite the challenges faced by those brave enough to live unhindered by the oppression of the cotton and polyester industries, one thing is for certain: No matter how naked they are, Jackie Youngblood and her team will continue to cover their butts, at least where home buying and selling is concerned.

I have worked with Jackie Youngblood for many years and can tell you she is the real deal.  Her sweet Southern accent and down to earth personality make her highly sought after as a trusted Paseo County REALTOR with Keller Williams Tampa Properties.

Check out her beautiful new real estate website and you can even shop for Skip The Outfit merchandise!  To see more of our work, please visit my homepage often as we are always updating.

~ Cherie Young ~