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Kunversion Design – Thomas Kala Sotheby’s Canada

Full of easy searches, this new Kunversion Design is for Thomas Kala.  So many beautiful areas to showcase.  Customized on the standard Hero Template.

Did you know that we are Zapier Experts?  Let us know if you need help.

Cherie Young (760) 230-0927

Semi Custom WordPress Website

Need to Spruce Up Your WordPress Website?

Get a Semi-Custom Design and Leave the Details to Us

If you’re a Real Estate Agent or Broker craving more from the look of your WordPress website, but without a big website redesign budget — you’re in luck!

For a very limited time, WordPress Semi-Custom designs are available for $399.

Each design will be linked to your Kunversion website for the custom area searches, customized to your colors, your team logo, and include your own introduction, depending on the design.   (Some of you will not have a Kunversion site to link to.)

If you are not using Kunversion, my preferred vendor for an IDX WordPress plugin is My Buying Buddy.  Here is a big custom WordPress site using MBB www.newdoorresidential.com.  (This is not a semi-custom site.) There is an additional charge of $150 if we create searches with the IDX WordPress plugin from www.MyBuyingBuddy.com.  You can also create the searches yourself and send us the links if you are a DIY and want to save $150.  If you create search links yourself, there is no additional charge.  You can also hire us for 2 hours of coaching to learn how to use the MBB IDX CRM.

Please note that semi-custom WordPress sites require you to host on your own server.  I prefer WPEngine.com which is $35 per month.  This allows you to OWN YOUR SITE and tons of flexibility to add plugins.  I can set up your server for you.

One edit to the page is included.

Here are 2 new semi-custom designs:
Shelley Hower – Makeover #1
Valerie Clark – Makeover #2

There are three looks to choose from.  Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3. You can click any image below to view a larger size.

Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Makeover #1

Makeover #1 includes five featured areas (Kunversion searches) and a personal introduction to you.

Click here to email Cherie about this Mini Makeover.


See Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3
Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Makeover #2

Makeover #2 includes three featured actions (the circles), four featured areas (Kunversion searches), and a personal introduction to you.

Click here to email Cherie about this Mini Makeover.


See Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3
Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Makeover #3 – Three featured actions and four featured area searches.

Makeover #3 includes three featured actions (the circles) and four featured areas (Kunversion searches).

Click here to email Cherie about this Mini Makeover.


See Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3
Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Get Your Makeover Now

If you want to get started NOW — you can! Mini-Makeovers are $250.00.

Our Mimi-Makeover Terms of Service

A Mini-Makeover will transform the look of the homepage on your eXp WordPress website.

To begin your order, you must first make your payment by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Once your purchase is completed, there are no refunds.

You will receive an email asking for your template selection. You can choose from those shown on the mini-makeover webpage. You will also be asked about your preferences for image styles and colors at that time. Depending on the template selection, you may be asked for a photograph, a short bio or welcome statement, and the cities for your featured searches.

Before your page is live, you will have the opportunity to review and approve it. Please note, you are allowed ONE edit/revision of your completed page.

Your new page will typically be available on your site within 2 weeks.

To continue with your Mini-Makeover purchase, please acknowledge our terms of service and make your payment below.

 I acknowledge and agree with the Mini-Makeover Terms of Service.

Best Kunversion Design – Bert Woodall

I say that about all the Kunversion designs :).  This was a fun design.  When we have great photos to work with the artwork comes together.

This real estate web design is on the new Kunversion Hero template.  Good things coming with Kunversion and their new KV Core roll out, I’m like a Meryvn’s commercial, open open open.

Happy holidays.

Cherie Young


Cool Illustrated Real Estate Design – Lonnie Shapiro

This new real estate design uses an illustration of downtown Ridgefield, CT.  This site has been built on WordPress and using the powerful www.mybuyingbuddy.com IDX plugin.  Our newest addition to WordPress is using OnboardInformatics for the best Home Value Estimator on the market.  Yes even better than the “Z” portal and less likely to bloat the price or undervalue.

Lonnie Shapiro and I have worked together for almost 10 years, back in the Z57 days.   Lonnie owns her site (you always hear me saying that 🙂 and is IDX search engine friendly.  When you pair this with a memorable design, chances are your audience will not soon forget you.

Stop by, look at ton’s of our designs.  Give me ideas for your real estate web design, or mix and match from the 100’s of designs we have created.

15 years later, I still focus on real estate websites.  It’s my passion.  One size does not fit all, you must know what products work and what needs to go.

Cherie Young


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Elegant Equestrian Design – Shaylene Neumann

Check out our sleek real estate web design for Shaylene Neumann. This was a fun site to work with as I love and own horses. Niche websites are a great way to market into YOUR audience. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Built on WordPress, Shaylene owns her site. We used the powerful and search engine friendly www.mybuyingbuddy.com for her IDX.  It’s one of the best WordPress full IDX/CRM plugins on the market.

We are polishing up the newsletter section which will be geared to equestrian events, how to buy property with a barn, lots of how to buy horse property tips.

Cherie Young

Shaylene Neumann

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