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Kunversion Design – Thomas Kala Sotheby’s Canada

Full of easy searches, this new Kunversion Design is for Thomas Kala.  So many beautiful areas to showcase.  Customized on the standard Hero Template.

Did you know that we are Zapier Experts?  Let us know if you need help.

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Semi Custom WordPress Website

Need to Spruce Up Your WordPress Website?

Get a Semi-Custom Design and Leave the Details to Us

If you’re a Real Estate Agent or Broker craving more from the look of your WordPress website, but without a big website redesign budget — you’re in luck!

For a very limited time, WordPress Semi-Custom designs are available for $399.

Each design will be linked to your Kunversion website for the custom area searches, customized to your colors, your team logo, and include your own introduction, depending on the design.   (Some of you will not have a Kunversion site to link to.)

If you are not using Kunversion, my preferred vendor for an IDX WordPress plugin is My Buying Buddy.  Here is a big custom WordPress site using MBB www.newdoorresidential.com.  (This is not a semi-custom site.) There is an additional charge of $150 if we create searches with the IDX WordPress plugin from www.MyBuyingBuddy.com.  You can also create the searches yourself and send us the links if you are a DIY and want to save $150.  If you create search links yourself, there is no additional charge.  You can also hire us for 2 hours of coaching to learn how to use the MBB IDX CRM.

Please note that semi-custom WordPress sites require you to host on your own server.  I prefer WPEngine.com which is $35 per month.  This allows you to OWN YOUR SITE and tons of flexibility to add plugins.  I can set up your server for you.

One edit to the page is included.

Here are 2 new semi-custom designs:
Shelley Hower – Makeover #1
Valerie Clark – Makeover #2

There are three looks to choose from.  Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3. You can click any image below to view a larger size.

Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Makeover #1

Makeover #1 includes five featured areas (Kunversion searches) and a personal introduction to you.

Click here to email Cherie about this Mini Makeover.


See Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3
Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Makeover #2

Makeover #2 includes three featured actions (the circles), four featured areas (Kunversion searches), and a personal introduction to you.

Click here to email Cherie about this Mini Makeover.


See Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3
Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Makeover #3 – Three featured actions and four featured area searches.

Makeover #3 includes three featured actions (the circles) and four featured areas (Kunversion searches).

Click here to email Cherie about this Mini Makeover.


See Makeover #1, Makeover #2 and Makeover #3
Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Get Your Makeover Now

If you want to get started NOW — you can! Mini-Makeovers are $250.00.

Our Mimi-Makeover Terms of Service

A Mini-Makeover will transform the look of the homepage on your eXp WordPress website.

To begin your order, you must first make your payment by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Once your purchase is completed, there are no refunds.

You will receive an email asking for your template selection. You can choose from those shown on the mini-makeover webpage. You will also be asked about your preferences for image styles and colors at that time. Depending on the template selection, you may be asked for a photograph, a short bio or welcome statement, and the cities for your featured searches.

Before your page is live, you will have the opportunity to review and approve it. Please note, you are allowed ONE edit/revision of your completed page.

Your new page will typically be available on your site within 2 weeks.

To continue with your Mini-Makeover purchase, please acknowledge our terms of service and make your payment below.

 I acknowledge and agree with the Mini-Makeover Terms of Service.

Get your beautiful Kunversion design!

Did you know that we can design on the Kunversion Hero Template?  We have designed lots of Kunversion websites and are thrilled that we can create a brand for you.  Waiting for your site to be upgraded to the KVCore?  That is no problem, we will migrate your design for free.  We are seeing the designs automatically migrate, but if there is a hiccup, we will take care of you.

Come back often as I will be updating with new Kunversion designs.


Kristi Ramella

Robert Do

Neumann Real Estate

Lori Stitt

Jose Lopez

TJ Anderson

Randolph Team

Raul Acuna

West and Woodall

Amanda Williams with eXp Realty

Chuck Rifae

Dan Lorentz

Ann Nguyen

Jorge Verdugo

Joe Teders

Anna Lopez

Terry McCarty

Julia Wellman

Adam Martin

Derrick Ruiz

Chris and Christina Pinkepank

Thomas Kala

Destination Havasu

See my homepage for more designs.  www.CherieYoung.com

Need a Coach?

If you’re a REALTOR® looking for a little help understanding or changing your WordPress website, Kunversion site, Zapier connections, Facebook or even Instagram, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re now available for one-on-one coaching to help you understand your online marketing and manipulate them like the pros do. The best thing about working with our coaches is this — when you’re done, you’ll get a copy of your coaching session as a video so you can watch the exact process you were coached on again and again.

Click here for more information on our custom coaching program.


These pages are on Kunversion. We no longer offer these landing pages, but lots of nice design ideas are here.

Tyler Minton

Element Real Estate

Mary Watts Realty Group

Realty Executives

The Cordova Home Team

Cherie Young’s personal site

The Chuck Rifae Team

Real Estate Dynamics

Ed Finlan Group

The Jason Witte Team

EPIC Home Realty

Kelly Stubbs Realty Group

Kim & Todd Kenefsky

The Pantiga Group

Maverick Realty

Tom Kadar

Chambers Real Estate Group

Front Door Realty

Lift Realty

Carlsbad Real Estate

Sam Lepore

Alaska Real Estate

Tim Kress

Kathy Czukor

Janet & Jackie Valois

Maggie DaSilva

Terry Hooker

JP & Associates

Kent & Melissa Kiser

Canter Companies

- Fay Mlinarich s

TJ Anderson

Sandy Hartmann

Lisa Handley

Roman Lopez

Mike Zboyovski II

Gustavo Blachman

Randy Whetsell

Denae Judd

Cheyanne Lake

Trey Swain

Larry Gatti

Kerryn Ellson

Josette Skilling

Randy Ebright

Janet and Alan Kaplan


Brandon Tatum

Brent Dildine

Kyle Denton

Steve Humphries

Julie Baldino

Frank Locricchio

Chuck Rifae

Deborah Powers

Joseph Arendsen

Russell Realty

Allen Willis

Daniel Ravenel

Tonya Harbin

David Nelson

Lisa Birdsong

Tami Pocevic

Everett Greenstreet

Don Lawyer

Vicki Runyon

Frank Locricchio

Austin Real Estate

Teri Brenkus

Rob Myers Jr.

Solutions Real Estate

Oggie Penev

Kris Asquith

Ashley Alperin

Ashley Alperin

Trey Swain

Gary Cox


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Best Kunversion Design – Bert Woodall

I say that about all the Kunversion designs :).  This was a fun design.  When we have great photos to work with the artwork comes together.

This real estate web design is on the new Kunversion Hero template.  Good things coming with Kunversion and their new KV Core roll out, I’m like a Meryvn’s commercial, open open open.

Happy holidays.

Cherie Young


Beautiful Kunversion Design

This is our latest Kunversion design for Raul Acuna.  Kunversion sites offer a powerful CRM that really works.

For more Kunversion Hero Designs, please check our Kunversion portfolio.  You can also see lots of work on my homepage too. www.CherieYoung.com.

Cherie Young
Beautiful Real Estate Websites

Acuna & Company
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