I have always enjoyed developing and implementing marketing plans that allow my clients to stand out from the crowd. One could say that it has become a passion.

I began Online Marketing Strategies close to 10 years ago when I saw the need for quality virtual assistant work. Yes, humble beginnings grew into the plethora of services that we offer now, not only encompassing the Who’s Who in Real Estate, but our new celebrity website for LA Ink’s adorable bad girl, Ruth Ruthless Pineda, as well as websites and maps around the globe.

We are becoming a worldwide production company, servicing both celebrities and corporate entities, down to the personal touch of working with churches and individuals, producing high-quality work for each of our clients, no matter who they are.

Due to the complexity of websites in today’s online world, we take great care to create individualized marketing strategies that are scalable from mobile technology to print. We can provide a custom Word Press site with ecommerce tools that can easily be maintained by you or your staff. We can help with search engine optimization including article submissions, backlinks, on-page SEO, and pay-per-click. As well, analyzing your current site for keyword phrases is a must.

My wealth of experience in marketing and web design has provided me with a unique perspective on the ever-changing world of lead generation. Prospecting for leads has always been an arduous task and keeping up with technology can be overwhelming even for the most seasoned, tech savvy user.

Uniformity of brand is important. We can take your custom map and/or your custom web site and integrate into your email, print and social media.

Our staff has been hand-picked from a few select individuals that I consider to be the best of the best. Every one of our team members are artists in their own right.  Scott Greissbach has been with us for years and is known as the “King of Clean.”  Andrew Kirksey is a young genius who makes me laugh daily and can stand next to the best designers in our industry.  Carl Duran is the most amazing map designer and his artistic flair and love for his work shows in every piece.  Teresa West has more than 25 years of experience in computer science and makes our designs come to life.

I love my job and would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Kind regards,

Cherie Young
Online Marketing Strategies

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